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A Better QC Service


Winpico always have a professional QC team in normal condition. Winpico will arrange our quality control process as the following procedure for every order.

IPI – Initial Production Inspection 

Prior to the commencement of full production, Materials, components and first finished products are checked against the sealed samples.

DUPRO – During Production Inspection

Once the production starts, a senior Q.C. Engineer will check the complete production status, step by step, report the actual status as well as all short comings and non-conformances and recommend corrective action for improvements. The actual production status will be reported and all incoming materials will be checked for completeness and correctness. If applicable he’ll also check whether the improvement-corrections, as suggested in our quality test on the pre-production sample were implemented. Further corrective actions, if needed, are advised.

FRI – Final Random Inspection

After full production, before the final inspection from the client, samples will be selected at random and checked against the specification and according to “ANSI Z1.4-2008” (correspond to MIL standard 105 E).

Loading Supervision 

The loading process in the factory will be supervised by Winplus’ QC. The containers are inspected for suitability and cleanliness and also that the products to be shipped are properly packed and loaded into the container and check if the container is completely full or not.


Product Warranty

Guarantee and Warranty


1.Winpico is obliged by law to give two(2) years warranty to the customers from the date of purchase.

2. Winpico warrants that the products shall be of good and merchantable quality, free from defects in material and workmanship, strictly conform to the customer’s
specifications and standards and pass Quality Control inspection and testing.
If the defective rate was found for below product lines,
e.g. Sandwich grill over 2%
Waffle iron over 2%
Popcorn maker over 2%
Double waffle iron over 2%

The Winpico will bear the cost of service, repair or replacement of those returns that are identified as defective in material or workmanship. The customer should provide Winpico( your Supplier) with “Service Report” which indicates the main quality problems as well as the actual defective return rate.

3. To cover basic market returns the Winpico(your Supplier) agrees to either include spare parts free of charge equivalent to 1% of invoiced value, or to include with each shipment free of charge products equivalent to 1% or to reduce invoiced price by 1% at the choice of the customer.

4.Epidemic failure

Any failure rate in excess of 5% shall be deemed to be an epidemic
An “Epidemic” shall mean: If the products or any particular model line of the products become subject to an epidemic or broad series of product failures and defects. Under such circumstances, the customer reserve the right to execute one or more from the following options,
A) Rework at the customer’s warehouse, at the Winpico(your Supplier)’s expenses, including but not limited to labor costs, handling charges and etc.
B) Return to the Supplier for repair
C)Refund to the customer


Winpico accepts ODM/OEM order.
We have our own strong R&D team and scepter-sample factory.
We develop products as per consumer needs.

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Perfect artworks designing skill
And so on.

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